What is your return policy for merchandise?




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    Kathy Bregar

    The unit in my car is no knee working . The red light is on and will not change

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    Sonia Biegel

    My plugs are on the bottom of the car and these don't work cause I have a draw above it. The mist goes under the draw.

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    Linda McClain

    When I ordered I did not see a return policy.  I am not satisfied with the quality of your product, why would I want to order more with a store credit.  your return policy is terrible. I will tell paypal  I am very disappointed with your product.

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    Kristen Swanson

    I placed an order on 11/24 and PART of my package isn't arriving until 12/28!! The green car diffuser went out of stock. I had to pick another color. Then another car diffuser went out of stock! I spoke to customer service twice. I've sent two emails and no response. My order is so messed up that I can't even receive a full refund yet as they do NOT know what actually shipped out. The shipping e-mail doesn't match what the system says was shipped out. I have to wait until I receive the package and call back! Not to mention they sent an e-mail on 12/4 stating they were expediting shipment at no extra cost in order arrive by Christmas. Shipped date of 12/19 and arrival of 12/28 is not expediated shipping.
    They also have zero info on the rest of my order!! One of the reasons why I have to wait for this package. I will not have my gifts for my family. I just want a full refund. Order # 352054

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