How do I use essential oils on my diffuser bracelet?




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    Liisa Torres

    How do you remove the sent to apply another one?

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    Customer Support

    The scent will usually wear off after a few days and you can apply another one.

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    Monica Vollmer

    I have such severe migraines I am on disability for them now and unable to work. I got the Migraine Oil along with the black bracelet with the while stone.  I saw to add 2-3 drops to the lava beads but how long do I need to let it dry before wearing it?

    I am so hopeful this helps!  I've been to every Doctor possible and tired many procedures and medications.  I would love to be able to get some relief without taking all the medications. The ratings and comments are making me hopeful.

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    Can more than one scent/oil be applied to one bracelet, or can more than one bracelet with different scents/oils be worn without side effects?

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    Do you need to use a carrier oil with the bracelet?

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    Betty Jarnagin

    What's a good oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis ?

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    Kim Fritzsching

    I let it absorb for 15 minutes. I don't use a carrier oil on my beads. Yes, I would think it was safe to wear while nursing.

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    Jessica Dempsey

    I ordered a bracelet with the migraine oil and I absolutely love it so far :)  I ordered the Sweet Dreams for my daughter.  Questions, Can you add more than one oil to a bracelet if not can you wear two different bracelets at one time on different arms and get the effects from both oils?

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    Sandra J. Sandy

    My mom RA: I made her some sprays and rollers and she says out of all she feel great when she uses DILUTED wintergreen oil alone or with a morphine POP MIXTURE of oils. To me the wintergreen is the very same thing used in as the bengay but this 100% oil mixed with of course carrier oil. I hope this HELPS for those of you who have what my mother has. God bless you all...wintergreen, peppermint and lavender. HELPS and it HELPS FIGHT BACK AT- RA

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    Is it okay to get the lava beads wet with water with the oils on them?  I purchased a bracelet, and a ring. I probably wouldn't get the bracelet wet, but the ring is going to get wet, most likely.  Is that okay?

    Thank you.

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    Adriane Garrett

    Can I/you use any brand of essential oils on the bracelets?  Also, can we use the roll on instead of putting it on our finger or a q-tip?

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