How can I check the delivery status of my order?




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    Audrey Donnelly

    How do you ship, postal service or courier?

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    Shelli McElreath

    Looking for info on my order #1098044 placed 10 days ago on the 9th. Have not received a tracking number/email since confirmation email??

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    Adrienne Saul

    I'm in the exact same situation.  Placed my order on the 10th.  I have sent 2 emails and have yet to hear from anyone.  Very disappointed.

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    Jenny GROVES

    Hello  to everyone  waiting,  they  are  very  slack  with  their replies

    However,  my  parcel  turned  up  without  any  notification  from UPS 

    I think  it  was  UPS, not  sure  how  god  the  product  is  though.

    Anyhow,  it  took  about  4  weeks

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    Jenny GROVES

    P.S>  Merry  Christmas  to  everyone.  Gods  blessings  to  you  and  your  families.

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    Charity Kolar

    I placed my order on Dec 8th, received email stating that order was shipped on Dec 9th, no tracking number included.  Here we are the 20th and still no order and not answering my email I sent though your form on the website. This is a JOKE!  Order this as a Christmas gift with plenty of time for shipping, here we are crunch time and no product received!!!


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    Ronald Nelson

    Same here guys. Ordered in time for one of the Christmas gifts for my wife. Tracked my order and it is stating it won’t arrive until the 26th! I’m highly pissed off right now. First time ordering from them and will be the last time. There is nothing positive I can say about this company right now. If anyone even mentions this company I will tell them to stay away!!

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    Barbara Jenney

    NONSENSE!! I got email on the 10th stating my order was out for delivery. Its now the 21st. No sign of a tracking number, no sign of my delivery which contained Christmas gifts for 2 of my daughters. Now what am I supposed to tell them if I dont get it in time ? Your customer service isnt answering me, your facebook message is automated, and my last post here to complain was deleted. 

    I will NEVER order from you again and if I dont get my items in time for Christmas, I will be calling my bank to dispute your charges which you took real fast, if only you delivered as fast.......

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    Fabiola Garca

    I got email on Jan 07th stating my order was in Mexico, you never clarify that UPS isn´t the delivery my order, I don´t have a track number to claim my order in MEXPOST I need a real answer and receive my order ASAP 

    If I don´t get my items ASAP, I will be calling my bank to dispute your charges.



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    Ivy Del VALLE

    Same situation here.I placed my order December and received email stating that your order is on the way to you but until now i haven't received my items and it was charged already from my credit card, in fact had been paid.


    Please vitality extract, please check the inquiries from your clients and respond asap.  

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    Margie Smith

    I have been waiting for me order since October last year and keep getting messages via sms asking for my deliver address and I keep sending it and still nothing has arrived. Whayt is going on????

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