How will I know Vitality Extracts received my order?




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    Tammy King

    I placed an order last night, and today the money was taken out of my bank account, AND YET, I NEVER received ANY Order Confirmation from you!!!!! I'm pissed, and you should not state that "We've emailed you an order confirmation" on the page after "Place Order". Misleading, Untruthful, and clearly you don't care!!!

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    Charity Kolar

    I placed my order on Dec 8th, received email stating that order was shipped on Dec 9th, no tracking number included.  Here we are the 20th and still no order and not answering my email I sent though your form on the website. This is a JOKE!  Order this as a Christmas gift with plenty of time for shipping, here we are crunch time and no product received!!!

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    Tena Tarver

    I placed my order the 1st week in December and got an email stating that my order was delivered December 29th and still no package,  I have a tracking number but it was delivered to the local post office from UPS and no one is answering my email. I am placing a complaint through paypal.

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