Where are my products shipping from?




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    Amy French

    Did you get your order? I am having the same problems

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    Karen Driver

    I did not get confirmation either, and they keep sending me notices saying cart is still full but they charged my account. I have emailed and called no response. Any luck


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    Donna Reierson

    Same exact problem here!!!
    Last time I order from here.....

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    Charity Kolar

    I placed my order on Dec 8th, received email stating that order was shipped on Dec 9th, no tracking number included.  Here we are the 20th and still no order and not answering my email I sent though your form on the website. This is a JOKE!  Order this as a Christmas gift with plenty of time for shipping, here we are crunch time and no product received!!!

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    Barbara Jenney

    I got email that my order was shipped on the 10th of December. No tracking number, no nothing. Its now the 20th and the 2 bracelets I ordered as Christmas gifts arent here yet. Ive messaged on Facebook, Ive done the customer service form, so far no response except an automated one saying they received my message. So far I am not impressed, and if my item isnt here in time for Christmas, Im calling my bank and disputing the charges.  Pissed isnt the word for what I am right now!!!

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    Ronald Nelson

    Same here guys. Ordered in time for one of the Christmas gifts for my wife. Tracked my order and it is stating it won’t arrive until the 26th! I’m highly pissed off right now. First time ordering from them and will be the last time. There is nothing positive I can say about this company right now. If anyone even mentions this company I will tell them to stay away!!

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