How long will it take for shipping?




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    Patricia TYLER

    Melynn, , same here I ordered on the 7th bank account charged no tracking, my order states open, No response on submission form, getting concerned. 

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    Katherine Sparks

    I also ordered on the 6th. I placed 2 orders that day I received 1 today and the has not even shipped yet.

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    Tabitha Spencer

    I placed an order on 7/5. I have never received a shipping order. My money is out of my account but nothing yet.

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    Cristina Leal

    I ordered mine since may 25 and still haven't received my package... 

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    Carol Berger

    Well I see I am in good company - ordered on 7. 25 / cc charged but as of 8.17 no package

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    Amy Ryan

    Glad I'm not alone here..gggeessss... this is crazy great to get something nice ..they get there money an I have not product..NOT RIGHT

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    Marilyn Fernandez

    Worst customer service.. i'm still waiting for my order.. no tracking number. Order placed on october3rd.. still waiting

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    Tricia Leibold

    Oh no......I just placed an order and never got the confirmation email so I came on here. I should of read the reviews first 😒☹️ So does that mean I just lost $52.00 and will never receive any product? Like i’ve Been scammed??????

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    Patricia Clayton

    me too!    Placed my order, got the confirmation with a BOGUS tracking number, my account was charged, no one answers the phone when I try to call, it's been a month and no delivery, no communication, other than automated email responses that are not accomplishing a thing.  Time to report this company.


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    Charity Kolar

    I placed my order on Dec 8th, received email stating that order was shipped on Dec 9th, no tracking number included.  Here we are the 20th and still no order and not answering my email I sent though your form on the website. This is a JOKE!  Order this as a Christmas gift with plenty of time for shipping, here we are crunch time and no product received!!!

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