How long will it take for shipping?




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    Jazzmine Heaton

    Still waiting for my order 10 day later

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    Marchia Fudge

    Still waiting on my order after more than 1 week.

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    Alison Ellis

    Placed my order on 5th February it's now 9th March and it still hasn't arrived and I'm having to wait upto 72hrs for a reply to my email. ..

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    Jamie Kingsley

    I never received an order confirmation. After waiting a few days , I emailed Customer service and they got back to me 3 days later. They confirmed my order and sent me a link to check on it. The link does not work. I’m getting frustrated

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    Ann Kenned

    I have not received my order and it has been more than 3-5 days. I  would like a refund. My order number: 684329. I order the products on April 8, 2018. I will wait until Wednesday. If I do not receive the products by then I would like the refund. Thanks.

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    Gina Bacnis

    Order #685327 still undelivered..... 'been waiting for almost a month now. UPS tracking shows no movement. Any update?

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