How much does shipping cost?




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    Dena Carson

    Why would a $5 bracelet cost $9.95 to ship please? I would think different items would cost different prices to ship. This may deter many people from ordering because of the shipping costs, I'm sorry.

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    Pam Lilly

    Pam..I agree Dena. I refuse to pay $9.95 for a $5.00 bracelet that would ship in a bubble envelope for less than $2.00!! And they still haven't answered my question about why it costs so much.

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    Lisa Perez

    I agree, I want a 5 dollar bracelet that would easily fit in a 6x9 padded envelope.  The shipping is the reason I'm not buying.  In fact I wanted two bracelets but no way I'm spending more on shipping than the product.  

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