What is your delivery policy?




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    Amy Ryan

    I placed my the beginning of August..an dont have any info

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    Ann Escobar

    I am still waiting for my order. I need a tracking number

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    Marilyn Fernandez

    No tracking number still waiting for my order. Ordered on October 3rd.

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    michaelha gunn

    Still waiting for my order. Cant follow up where it is and you dont reply on email. 


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    catherine pereira

    Where is my order?  I received confirmation that it was out for delivery on Dec. 4 and today is Dec. 18.

    There is no tracking number.  You are not answering your phone or your emails....

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    Charity Kolar

    I placed my order on Dec 8th, received email stating that order was shipped on Dec 9th, no tracking number included.  Here we are the 20th and still no order and not answering my email I sent though your form on the website. This is a JOKE!  Order this as a Christmas gift with plenty of time for shipping, here we are crunch time and no product received!!!


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    Barbara Jenney

    NONSENSE!! I got email on the 10th stating my order was out for delivery. Its now the 21st. No sign of a tracking number, no sign of my delivery which contained Christmas gifts for 2 of my daughters. Now what am I supposed to tell them if I dont get it in time ? Your customer service isnt answering me, your facebook message is automated, and my last post here to complain was deleted. 

    I will NEVER order from you again and if I dont get my items in time for Christmas, I will be calling my bank to dispute your charges which you took real fast, if only you delivered as fast.......

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    Cecelia M Rodriguez

    Is this a scam?? Placed my order on Dec 14th  and got email Dec 15th that my order was out for deliver.

    I have not received a tracking number or an order number from you. Called customer service and no one is answering. Today is Dec 21 st and no answer.  This is not good customer service. Will not order again.

    Calling bank to dispute charges. VERY ANGRY CUSTOMER!!!!!

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    I ordered a set of bracelets for gifts this Christmas 2018. I ordered it in advanced in November 13th about two months ago. Now is Christmas day. And no shadow of my order....OMG! What happened to my order? I keep going to the post office and the post man asks me the tracking number. This company does not give any tracking number. They have order number which is useless and not accepted by the post office.... 

    What is worst is that once i keyed in my credit card number and the CVV , the system replied to me that it seemed I have not completed the transaction... Instead of notifying me that the order has been completed! Thus  i have ordered twice and AFTER WHICH IT NOTIFIED ME THAT THE ORDER WAS COMPLETED AND THAT I HAVE TWO ORDER NUMBERS!!!! WHAT KIND OF PURCHASE SYSTEM IS THAT???  What has happened also instead of giving me discounted price for the second purchase the system choose higher amount of price and higher amount of shipment fee... WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH BUSINESS TODAY???



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    Laura Saldivar

    I should have read these comments before so I wouldn't have ordered this is crazy I place my order and I am still waiting 

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    Wayne Cessna

    Same here.

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