How do I use my essential oils?




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    Peggy Baldwin

    If anyone needs answers on how to use the roll on's or diffusers etc... I used most of them, the skin envy works especially for the cold winters up north for fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth area and cheeks which are almost always exposed to the air the most.  I usually spray my face first with a water mist.  Then roll the roll-on skin envy between my hands to shake up the mixture. Then coat the places on my face where I want it, and in a circular motion massage my face.  I love the stuff. Then apply my moisturizer, and touch up with the skin envy while in my car on the go.  This stuff is really great for rough-dried out winters on your hands especially the knuckles.  I use the diffuser oils pending on my mood in my diffuser and have some in the car. Orange or Lemon diffusers in the bottles are best for your car as their not too strong, add a carrier oil to the mixture if needed.  Cheers hope this helps. Sincerely, Maggie.

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    Shisa Taylor

    They answer right quick on Facebook

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