How long does it take for my order to be processed?




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    Deborah Mullins

    Still waiting on my order or any confirmation of it being shipped.
    Seriously bad service and so hard to get a reply. So if you are out of stock and waiting for shipments to arrive how come you are advertising the product on your site as available and on sale when I AM STILL WAITING ON MY ORDER HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE ITEM TO DATE..... GETTING VERY ANGRY ABOUT THE PURCHASE AND LACK OF SUPPORT FROM YOUR COMPANY

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    Cassandra Ostaszewski

    Im still waiting for my order as Well.

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    Sheyn Demonteverde

    I’m still waiting my order but they failed to ship it. They full refund me in my account but not in bank. I can’t open my acount, saying your account is not valid. So STUPID!

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    Katrina Crawford

    Still waiting...

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    Karen Krzynowek

    I am still waiting as well. Getting skeptical about your company. Also, why can't I read any of your responses to questions?

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    Angela Husson

    I have always received my order in full...necklaces and bracelets in lovely bags :) and the the oils smell awesome!!!

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    Marilyn Fernandez

    Please send me my order. Or at the bare minimum my tracking number so I can follow up myself. It's been since October 3rd.

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    April McIntosh


    I placed an order yesterday, I do have an order number because I saved it from the confirmation page, however I have not gotten a confirmation email, the money was taken from my account almost instantly and yet I can't get any kind of confirmation, makes me skeptical, its been more than 24 hours why no confirmation, I can and will dispute the charge if necessary.

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    Robin Anderson

    There is $216 worth of product missing from my order originally placed November 20, 2018.  I've had no response to the emails I've sent regarding the shipment of the products missing from my order.  ORDER  Number 1029728  

    Missing from this order are:
    10 Serenity Diffuser bracelets
    2 Abundance oils
    1 Frankincense
    1 Copper Fusion Diffuser Bracelet
    5 Blue Regalite Diffuser Bracelets
    11 Elephant Diffuser Bracelets
    5 Turquoise Diffuser Bracelets
    4 Calm oils
    Free Mystery Bracelet
    Please update me on the status of my order.

    Robin Anderson  850.232.8082

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