How long does it take for my order to be processed?




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    Deborah Mullins

    Still waiting on my order or any confirmation of it being shipped.
    Seriously bad service and so hard to get a reply. So if you are out of stock and waiting for shipments to arrive how come you are advertising the product on your site as available and on sale when I AM STILL WAITING ON MY ORDER HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE ITEM TO DATE..... GETTING VERY ANGRY ABOUT THE PURCHASE AND LACK OF SUPPORT FROM YOUR COMPANY

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    Cassandra Ostaszewski

    Im still waiting for my order as Well.

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    Sheyn Demonteverde

    I’m still waiting my order but they failed to ship it. They full refund me in my account but not in bank. I can’t open my acount, saying your account is not valid. So STUPID!

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    Katrina Crawford

    Still waiting...

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    Karen Krzynowek

    I am still waiting as well. Getting skeptical about your company. Also, why can't I read any of your responses to questions?

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    Angela Husson

    I have always received my order in full...necklaces and bracelets in lovely bags :) and the the oils smell awesome!!!

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    Marilyn Fernandez

    Please send me my order. Or at the bare minimum my tracking number so I can follow up myself. It's been since October 3rd.

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