Instructions on how to use oils.


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    We are so happy to hear you are interested in the uses of Skin Envy! You have made a great choice to keep your skin beautiful and glowing with our all natural product! Here is a regime that we recommend for maximum benefits!

    Step 1 Indulge your skin in the morning Start the day off right by warming a few drops of Skin Envy in the palm of your hand, then apply gently to your clean face, neck and chest. Use directly on any other problem areas for instant results.

    Step 2 Spoil your skin throughout the day Use the convenient roll on throughout the day to maintain moisture deep in the skin tissue. Pamper your face, neck and any dry skin or body blemishes that require attention.

    Step 3 Nourish your skin all night long After washing and cleansing, generously massage on to face and neck nightly. Add a few drops to a warm bath or lotion to lavish your entire body with Skin Envy for luxurious skin from head to toe.

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